Thursday, October 29, 2009


On October 8, 2009 around 3:00 pm, I am on my way going back to the office. Along the way, in the corner of Raon and Quezon Blvd, Quiapo, under the overpass, there was a promo sale of SMART broadband modem for only P 995.00 inclusive of preloaded P 100.00 and the seller told me that there will be another P 200.00 worth of load if I activate the account on or before October 31, 2009.

I was convinced and purchase one SMARTBRO and upon arrival in my office I discarded my internal modem and install the said broadband. Upon registration of my broadband (9281075711) in their network, I observe the speed and I surf to my usual favorites.

I have notice that only a slight difference in speed between my previous dial-up connection and my new broadband connection. When the preloaded P 100.00 nearly consumed, I have decided to e-load another P 100.00 on October 9, 2009 so I can make non-interrupted connection with SMARTBRO network.

After forty eight (48) hours of activation of my account, I've logged again and check if the promo load was added to my account, but there was none - and the AGONY begins...

My first complaint with report no. 286970173 was forwarded to the incompetent SUPPORT GROUP, and the latter repLIE (lying reply) that the P 200.00 worth of load was already loaded with my account.

I've told them that there was none and the 6727277 call center again makes another computer generated report number and forwarded again to the SUPOT GROUP.

From day one (1) of my complaint up to the present, I've accumulated a multiple report number without result. And also a multiple SORRY for the inconvenience from the cool center who always told me that there is an on-going system enhancement due of overwhelming sales of their SMARTBROHAHAHAH.

These call center people generate more revenues for SMART by way of saying that I must surf at and check my account particularly in the subscription inquiry.

I have done it so many times with my P 630.00 eload surfing their hard-to-load website and busy servers, and until now the P 200.00 promo load is nowhere to found.

Hell O, SMART COMMUNICATION INC. I consider this is a business malpractices and you must investigate your compensated people in your SUPPORT GROUP, why these multiple problem occurs and not resolved.

Its hard to believe, inspite of modern technology of garbage-in garbage-out, I have suffered the jurassic processes of SMART handling a simple problem with a simple solution. Only in the Philippines !

Now I regret of buying SMARTBRO with 30 centavos per minute, comparing to their competitors with only 16 to 17 centavos per minute.

Quiapo, Manila
October 30, 2009

Contact # 0916-2769168

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