Saturday, November 14, 2009


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Being a former radio communication enthusiast, (amateur & civic action group) I've acquired a vast know-how in the said fields.

Antennas, equipment, frequencies, sunspots, jammers, just name it and I can discuss it.

Upgrading myself to the new technology with the help of my kumpare, Mr. Tito E. Yu.

Early 1983, I assembled my first computer kits from ALEXAN Elcano. Learning binaries from hex to decimal visavis is one my great achievements because it is a computer universal language.

TTLs, CMOS, ICs, diodes, resistors, thermistors is only my shortlist for my hobbies.

Interconnectivy comes when my friend gifted me one 1200bps modem and I put a BBS (Bulletin Board Services) site in my home using my analog PLDT phone (274276) and it is known as DEBUG HAUZ BBS.

There was no internet before and during the night time, there are lots of callers browsing my computer by using a MAXIMUS BBS Software. Chatting, file uploading and sharing, messaging and EBs (eyeball).

During my BBS days, I've meet Roy Villafuerte, Louie Elep and other BBS operators. Roy & Louie become my partner when we established a computer rental business (Carltan Computer Corporation), located at the ground floor of Syvels Building, CM Recto, Sampaloc, Manila.

Frequent black-outs & high cost of overheads forced us to closed shop.

Back to the old kiyaw-kiyawan blues in VHF band, sometimes an action group volunteers - my life continues to exist.

NOW, the SMARTBRO people telling me a LIE.

Hey you people, come to me and I will re-orient you about BROADBAND.

Broadband connection is using a radio frequency (RF) emmision. Is that right ?

Radio frequency is not inevitable to any interferences like harmonics, sunspots etc. Is that right?

The capacity of each broadband allocated frequency is limited. Is that right?

Broadband-> repeater/canopy site-> WAN/ROUTER-> T1,T3,DSL -> Internet. Is that right?

User1, user2, user3, -> LAN -> My BROADBAND computer -> repeater/canopy site. True?

Multiple sharing cause congestion in the system and the consumer pays for it. Is that right?

Servers bandwidth is programmable and can be manipulated, when users exceeds, the system will slow down and the net surfers suffer and he/she will pay for his/her consumed minutes. Is that right?

Allocated IP Network Address is also limited ( Is that right?

Can you accomodate a multiple paying subscriber at any given time with your claimed SPEED? Just Asking.

Do you have a back-up point-to-point (PP) network which automatically switch on in event that your current PP network shuts down? Thanks to 'Ondoy & 'Pepeng' for revealing the truth (Its only a maintenance of solar panels, series batteries and switching relay panel can resolved this problem)

That all for the day folks.

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